October is HERE!!!

Hi Everyone,

Happy October first everyone! I am so thrilled to see October arrive. This month is filled with happy events and I just hope that vibe continues throughout all of life’s aspects. (On the second to last day of September our car died, but it is fixed now, so we will be picking it up this evening.) So cheers to a happy, healthy, productive and positive October, filled with cooler air and warm food and drinks.

I will be working on typing up three reviews for you all today. (Remember the car broke down Sunday, so my mind has been a bit preoccupied.) However, in the meantime, check out the Sasee page on here. You will see the link to this month’s issue, with a review that I did earlier in the year on here. (I must say, I am pretty excited to see it in print and online. I still think it is a dream.)

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

Thanks for your continued to support. Have a wonderful October!


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