Executive Sweet

Westerly #1. By: Sage Ardman. Format: eBook. Read: September 2013.

Kay Samson is excited to finally start working after graduating college as Valedictorian and receiving her MBA. She worked hard to get straight A’s, but she also piled up a large amount of student loans. She knows her life is about to change, because she is going to be able to use all of her knowledge and work her way up in the Yorick Corporation. Unfortunately for her, the CEO is known as the Playboy around town and it seems Kay’s impressive good looks have made it to the top of the food chain. Her first day orientation is delayed and she is directed to the top floor to speak to Dan Avery, Mr. Playboy CEO, himself. Dan Avery is not your typical CEO that was born into the highly wealthy and famous Westerly family, since he has worked hard to make it to the top. Dan has been in search for the perfect, killer partner to plan out a few distraction games and he knows Kay is the one, just so long as she accepts. Will their games flow smoothly, or will the game cost them everything?

Sage Ardman weaves a tale straight from the fantasy of corporate romance. Executive Sweet is a contemporary romance with a taste of business suspense. Each new distraction game not only increases the financial opportunity, but it also increases the inner-debate within the main characters. The book starts off a bit slow, but quickly picks up at heated pace. Kay comes across as the perfect woman, not only extremely smart, but incredibly beautiful too. Though these are not necessarily attributes most women will relate to, her struggles to accept herself and the morality of the games will give readers a question to ponder: How far would they go to bring down the bad guy and pay off their debt? Executive Sweet is a tantalizing start to the Westerly series.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this book. The first chapter had me wondering just how much spice would be involved in this high-stakes corporate game. Each “game” amped up the heat factor, without crossing the line into the popular, provocative world of BDSM. Though some women readers may not approve of Kay using her body to the company’s advantage, they will appreciate her using her brains to come out on top.



The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and her work, please visit her website.

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