My Sister’s Books #22

The Beach House
By: James Patterson and Peter de Jonge

Jack Mullen is a law student and the grandson of Mack, a feisty, strong-spirited Irishman. Jack is a very successful law student and has landed an internship at a prestigious law firm. As he keeps facing roadblocks with his pro bono, death row case, he learns the tragic news of his brother’s death. In his hometown, everyone knows everyone, yet Jack can’t figure out why no one is taking Peter’s death seriously. Peter’s body was found badly bruised and obviously beaten, yet the police brush it off as a drowning. It is up to Jack, his friends and Mack, to find out the truth and seek justice. Yet the truth may cause more innocent lives to be lost.

The Beach House is a thrilling, fast-paced ride through the politics of the rich and famous versus justice and truth. Massive cover-ups, with shocking twists and turns, will leave readers emotionally exhausted. “Taking justice in your own hands” is an old saying taken quite literally by the Mullen crew in this book. The short chapters and the Hamptons setting, make this a fast read, perfect for a day at the beach. Though the subject matter is recommended for mature audiences only. Fans of James Patterson and fans of the mystery/suspense genre will want to mark this book as a must-read.

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