Well that looks better…

Hi Everyone,

After a few days of back and forth emails, I finally can say: “Welcome back Sidebars!!!” Thankfully the site’s home page is back to normal with everything in the right place. YAY!!! Thank you all for your help and I really appreciate all of your patience.

Also, The List has grown again! Thank you all for your support. The List is now at 99, which is unbelievable and amazing. Thank you!!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I am headed to bed early tonight, so I can catch up on some reading. What are you reading this evening?


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  1. Hi Nicole – well, in your Hello World section, you asked for suggestions (on books to read).

    Might I suggest the big fat juicy science fiction that is more than science fiction? Warning: It’s for mature readers (think Star Wars for adults and you won’t go far wrong).

    Title: The Khekarian Threat – yes I wrote it, and it’s currently going out for FREE on Kindle (until midnight Friday 23rd August 2013 US Pacific Standard Time). Very good reviews so far, though few.

    I don’t feel it’s appropriate to add a link (I don’t normally promote my work on someone else’s blog), but you can link through on my name.

    If this isn’t appropriate (to suggest my own work), please delete this post. There will be no hard feeling.

    Cheers to you. 🙂

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