100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money

By: Peter Sorrells. Format: Paperback. Read: August 2013.

Peter Sorrells is not a professional accountant, but he is someone who had to crawl out of debt, just like the majority of Americans. In this book, he lays out several concise, logical steps on how to help you not only reduce your debt, but to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your finances.

The author writes this book as though he is actually speaking to the reader, by using easy-to-understand language and step-by-step directions, with plenty of examples. This book has the added benefits of note space and a blank budget, along with several further resources so readers can start right away in declaring and achieving their goals. Each section relates to different subjects, varying from using your skills to start your own at-home business or buying a new car. There are several references and verses from the Bible, but they do not take away from the well-organized, easy-to-follow chapters. The steps are very basic, but Sorrells shows how the most basic steps will pay-off greatly in the end. If you are looking for simple ways to start improving your finances, this would be a great book to read.


The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this book and the author, please visit his website.

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