My Sister’s Books #21

Beach House No. 9

By: Christie Ridgeway

Griffin Lowell spent a year in the depths of the war, chronicling the camaraderie of the troops and the side effects of being shot at every day. He felt the same emotions as the troops, until tragedy struck, and he vowed to never feel again. Back in the states, he is ignoring calls from his publicist and he refuses to write a single word of his memoir. Enter Jane Pearson, book doctor. She is sent to Griffin’s doorstep to get his writing career back on track, when really her career needs to be straightened out too. Two stubborn souls hiding their past hurts, may find they are each other’s answer to survival.

This is a heart-warming romance set in the modern-day. The characters are extremely relatable due to their actions and responses to their inner fears. Ridgeway gives readers an inside-look into all perspectives, by switching points-of view every few pages. The funny banter will leave readers laughing, while the steamy chemistry will leave readers over-heated. However the ending was rushed and somewhat disappointing and the minor characters’ romantic troubles could be a bit distracting. Overall this is a fast and fun read, and it provided a nice layout for the next books in the series.

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