My Sister’s Books Review #18

The Tourist
By: Olen Steinhauer
(Milo Weaver #1)
(Mysteries & Thrillers)

A life as a tourist sounds like a great idea, however for Milo Weaver it was a difficult life. As a professional undercover agent for the CIA, Milo had worked several “assignments,” but none of them focused on a colleague until now. Now with distrust and cover-ups many old cases are coming back under suspicion and Milo is forced back into the life of a tourist.
The Tourist is a fascinating and complicated spy novel. It starts out a bit slow and at times seems tedious, but the plot quickly picks up the pace. Readers will wrapped up in Milo’s mind and looking over their shoulder’s while they read. The plot twists and time jumps will keep readers guessing until the very end. Graphic scenes call for a mature audience, but overall an excellent start to the series.

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