My Sister’s Books Review #16

Opposites Attack
By: Jo Maeder

A fictionalized tale of real life events, this story introduces reader to a whole new world. Without any prior knowledge of language or lifestyles, young American Alyce has decided to move to France and totally immerse herself in the culture. She enrolls in an all-French school and has quite a few mishaps, while adjusting to the new routine. Along the way, she meets Jean-Luc and instantly the two clash.

Opposites Attack is a fun, light-hearted tale. Organized like a journal, the chapters are short and easy-to-read. Unpredictable plot will keep readers guessing and reading into the late hours of the night, in order to finish the book in one sitting. Alyce appears immature at times, but some of her misfortunes will leave readers chuckling. Jean-Luc, on the other hand, will cause a love-hate debate amongst readers. Plus, most everyone enjoys an amusing romance filled with French cuisine.

This review was originally written for My Sister’s Books.

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