Looking for Winners…

Hi Everyone,

Last week there were two winners drawn for two different contests. I haven’t heard from either winner and since I wasn’t able to post this last night, I have extended the time frame… I need to hear from Sue G. and Lori Mitchell within 24hours please. Congrats to both of you ladies and please send me an email so you can claim your prize!

As for reviews, be prepared everyone. I have three of them ready for you all tonight.

Have a great rest of your afternoon!



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3 Responses to Looking for Winners…

  1. Sue G.

    Sorry I was on vacation last week and am a little behind. Here I am. What do you need from me? My email is suegaluska@yahoo.com.

  2. Lori Mitchell

    My internet has been down! My email is lorimitchell257@yahoo.com

  3. Lori Mitchell

    Hi! My internet has been down so I didn’t see that I had won!


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