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Entwined with you is the third installment of the Crossfire series. At the start of this installment we find that Eva has found out that Gideon killed Nathan in order to protect her and she is conflicted about her feelings about everything that happened. She was forced to leave Gideon and go back to her own home because the police are still watching them and she doesn’t want them to know that she has gone to Gideon to find out if he really did kill Nathan.

Eva desperately wants to be with Gideon, but she is not sure what Gideon’s motivation was for doing what he did and if he even wants anything to do with her anymore.

I was very conflicted on how I felt about this book I was so excited when It was coming out and I really wanted to like it, and for the most part I liked the storyline, but the problem was there wasn’t much of a storyline. Things really didn’t get started until two thirds through the book. Don’t get me wrong I love a hot steamy book but there comes a point when I’m like, “seriously!” It really became too much and I kept wondering when were we going to get some sort of storyline, some actual forward motion. I know this was originally supposed to be the final book in the trilogy but was somehow extended out for three additional books and so I feel like this was made into a filler book instead of an actual book because we really didn’t get anything of substance, and then there were all these extra crazy storylines that were added like “The Italian Mafia”, disappearances of random people, and incidental pregnancy of characters that didn’t necessarily need to be storylines that are now storylines because they have extra books coming out. Does that make sense? I have to say I’m a huge fan of Sylvia Day and the Crossfire Series, however this book left me very disappointed and wanting a whole lot more. I felt like this story dragged and there was no forward motion of the plot until the end of the book really. I also felt that the ending of this book just really stopped mid scene and in a really awkward moment. I kept flipping Pages thinking is this really where it’s going end? It really wasn’t even a cliffhanger moment, it was just the middle of a scene, and was kind of an odd place.

Like I said I’m a huge Fan of the Sylvia Day and of the Crossfire Series and Yes I had high expectations for this book, But this went way beyond disappointment from my higher expectations and I really felt like this was just a filler book until she could get to the next book.

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