A Year in Review #6

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This past year, I had the honor to read and review a poignant memoir. Sarah Solmonson shares the story of her life with the world, in this incredible book. She and her father had a wonderful relationship, part of which was built by his love of airplanes. This week will mark the anniversary of his passing and in honor of him, we take a look back at his daughter’s book.

Taking Flight
Sarah Solmonson tells her story of growing up as the only human child in the Norton family. Her father, David Norton, was obsessed with airplanes and flying. He spent six years building an airplane from scratch. Unfortunately on July 1, 2000, David’s regular take off took a tragic turn as the wind disappeared, causing his beloved plane to crash. David Norton didn’t survive and this book is the story of how his wife and daughter fought to survive their horrific loss.

In her telling memoir, Sarah Solmonson demonstrates an incredible talent for writing. She rotates chapters between a current conversation with her father and the memories she had growing up. This rotation provides the perfect balance between the heart wrenching emotions and the wholesome funny memories of the past. Readers will feel as though Sarah did not use any ink to write this book, but instead used her own blood from her heart. Each sentence, each statement and each memory are written with such honesty and such affection that readers will feel like they are a member of this family. Incredibly powerful and mesmerizing.

Sarah Solmonson has been generous enough to donate a paperback copy of her book to one lucky commenter. To enter to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below between now and 11:59pm EDT on July 5, 2013. Then on July 6, 2013, I will use Random.org to select a winner and announce the winner later that day. Good luck to you all!

If you want another chance to win, please visit the Big Giveaway page. There you will find the link to the Rafflecopter entry form, where Sarah Solmonson has donated another paperback copy of her book for the Big Giveaway!



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  1. wanda green swafford

    That sounds very sad. 🙁

  2. Jessica Bowers

    Sounds like a great read!

  3. Actually…I’ve got 2 paperbacks set aside for your giveaway, just awaiting a winner! Hope you don’t mind me crashing your post here 🙂 And thank you again!

    • You are so not crashing! Thank you for stopping by the post! (You have two paperback books set aside, because one is for this giveaway and one is for the Big Giveaway. ) Thank you very much for your generosity. I hope you enjoyed the re-review. Have a wonderful day!

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    Paperback copies of Taking Flight up for grabs – check out Ariesgrl Book Review for details! I also encourage you to browse her site, there are many excellent books reviewed here!

  5. I would love to win a paperback of this book! It sounds awesome!

  6. Angela Love

    Awesome I would LOVE to win a copy of the book!!! Thank you for the chance!!!! Have a Great weekend!!!

  7. Kristina L

    While I am sure it was very hard to write it must be so rewarding to know that people will forever remember her father the way she saw him. This sounds like a heart wrenching story that you would need a glass of wine for (=

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