The past few days…

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days.

Monday, I had a migraine and was unable to look at a computer screen for too long. However I did post this week’s poem game that morning, before I laid back down. Have you all guessed the poet or the poem’s title, yet? Just head over to Facebook to see this week’s poem, then enter your answer into the Rafflecopter entry form. (Which can be found on Facebook or on the Big Giveaway page here.

Tuesday was my Grandmother’s birthday and try as I might, no words could be shared with you to explain that day. As you all know she and my Mom created the obsessed reader that I am today. I think about her everyday and dedicate this website in her honor. It thrilled me to see that the Ariesgrl Book Reviews Facebook page reached another milestone on Tuesday. 300 Likes!!! Somehow, I think my grandmother gave me that present on her birthday. Either way, thank you all for making Tuesday even more special to me. You all are amazing!

This brings me to yesterday… Yesterday I had my computer booted up and I was ready to make progress on some posts that I wanted to share with all of you. Instead I spent the day, wrapped around my dog. Ozzy had a seizure yesterday morning and needed to be comforted and kept relaxed throughout the day today. So his brother, Jagger, and I made sure we kept him reassured and comfortable all through the day and night. My little guy has been through so much these past few months, but he is a trooper. His brother, always the protector, did an excellent job of taking care of him yesterday and is currently curled up with him under the blanket. I love my boys!

Last night I tried to log on and type up a quick post letting you all know I would be on here today, but every time I tried to log on, the server was updating… So… I had to wait until this morning. Oh well.

First item on today’s agenda is this: I still have not heard from the winner of the Rockapocalypse giveaway. Since I have not been able to get on here over the past few days, I will allow another 24 hour period to hear from the winner. Wanda Green-Swafford, you won! Please contact me before 11:59am EDT on Friday, June 21, 2013, to claim your prize. If I do not hear from you, before this new deadline, I will draw another name tomorrow at 1pm EDT. Thank you again to all you participated in the A Year in Review #3 giveaway.

On the other hand, A Year in Review #4 is live. So far, only three people have entered to win. If you like Greek Mythology, you will want to check out this week’s giveaway. Just head over to that post and leave a comment for your chance to an ecopy of author, Luciana Cavallaro‘s latest book! Contest ends on Friday, June 21, 2013 at 11:59pm EDT.

This week’s Twitter character description is still live. (This week’s description is dedicated in honor of my Grandmother.) Check out the status update on Twitter and enter the character’s name in the Rafflecopter entry form under the Big Giveaway page.

That is all from me for right now. I will be back later today with more info for you guys. Thank you all again for your continued support. You guys are amazing!!!

Have a wonderful day!


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