Wendy Review #4

Taken By Storm by Kelli Maine, Book 3 of series

Review by: Wendy

4.5 stars

Taken by Storm is the third installment in the Taken Series. While the story is a continuation of No Take Backs, I think it could be a stand a-lone book.

MJ (Merrick Jr) was hidden his entire life in boarding schools by Merrick’s father “The Old man”. Merrick doesn’t know MJ exists. Merrick Jr. Thinks his father has found out about him and doesn’t want anything to do with him. He has dreamed of the day his Dad found out about him and is crushed.

Maddie was MJ’s best friend growing up, and after high-school they become more than friends. After the best 3 months of MJ’s life, Maddie disappears from MJ’s life with no explanation.

Two years later Maddie shows up with an engagement ring from her current boyfriend, and a decision to make.

I really enjoyed this installment of the series. It flowed well and I really wanted to know what family secret Maddie had that made her run from the love of her life. There was drama, lies, secrets, twists and turns. MJ is very much a younger version of his dad with his impulsive actions and obsession of the only girl for him.

This story is told from MJ’s and Maddie’s perspective, from the past and present, and we find where the other characters from the previous books are at now. In my opinion this has been the best book in the series and I look forward to the next installment.

My only issue with the book was a continuity issue and what Merrick knew and when.

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