Wendy Review #3

REVIEW For No TakeBacks by Kelli Maine, Book 2 of series

Review by: Wendy

4 stars

This is a short novella that continues the story of Rachael DeSalvo & Merrick Rocha. In this novella, Rachael & Merrick have finally finished the restoration of Turtle Tear Hotel/Island resort. They have invited both their families and friends. There is some family tension and some new relationships. There are a lot of hot little scenes in this novella and a cliffhanger that will lead into the next book. This story is again told in second person, like the first book, but I think this one was a little easier to read.

I liked this book because you got to see more of the personal relationship with Rachel and Merrick and I also like getting to see the relationships between the families and friends. In this novella with the addition of the extra people, the second person aspect wasn’t as prominent and the dialoged flowed a little better.

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