Today’s Friday!!!

Hi Everyone,

Here is a quick little post, before I bombard you with posts/reviews and some exciting news. (And yes, I apologize in advanced.)

First and foremost I hope everyone on the east coast is staying safe. Tropical Storm Andrea didn’t bring us a ton of rain, but we did have a lot of high winds. So for everyone else in her path, please stay cautious and remain safe.

Now today is Friday! (Where on earth did this week go to?) Since it is Friday, it means that the giveaway for week number 2 is almost over. Please make sure to leave a comment under the A Year in Review #2 post, before 11:59pm EDT tonight, for your chance to win a free eBook from The Light-Bearer Series courtesy of author Emily Guido!

Lastly, I have a quick question for all of you. I am thinking of making some changes to the Contact page and I thought I would ask for your opinions. When looking at a website, do you prefer sites that have contact forms or the ones that show the contact information? In this day and age, is it easier to fill out a form or to type in an email address?

That is all for now. Until later tonight: have a great evening, stay safe and go enter in Week #2’s giveaway, before it is too late!



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  1. Hi, Nicole

    I think it might be better if you could post a link directly to your email address. One click and that’s it.


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