My Sister’s Books #15

Code of the Forest

By: Jon Buchan

Set along the coast of Georgetown, South Carolina, a battle rages between local environmentalists and the corrupt politicians over whether or not to allow a chemical plant to be built. Wade McNabb, publisher of the newspaper, has never trusted lawyers, but he knows he needs to set those feelings aside in order to expose the dishonesty in the courtroom. Kate Stewart is a female lawyer trying to make her way in the men’s world of politics. Even though she was once burned by the media, she must move forward and trust Wade McNabb, or else her career won’t survive.

The South is where time tends to stand still and the state of South Carolina is no exception. This book demonstrates the delicate beauty that makes up Georgetown County. While it also reveals the crooked side of the judicial system, where it is more of whom you know rather than what you can prove. Buchan’s first novel develops at a fast pace and is an enticing read. Extremely well written, readers will be turned into instant fans.


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