My Sister’s Books #14

The Seventh Scroll

By: Wilbur Smith

The Seventh Scroll is the sequel to River God; though this book is set in modern time. Duraid Al Simma and his wife, Royan, have uncovered the ancient scrolls. However Taita has made several unique designs and descriptions not found in the Egyptian language. While Duraid and Royan are working on translating the scrolls, they are brutally attacked and the scrolls are stolen. With Duraid’s last breathe, he urges Royan to continue their work and seek help from Nicholas Quenton-Harper. Royan goes back to England to find Nicholas and the two of them must work together in order to survive the hunt for the scrolls.

This book is well written. The suspense is overwhelming, while the interaction between Nicholas and Royan is predictable. Readers do not need to read River God first, since that book takes place over 4,000 years earlier. The author does mention that book and himself in this book, which is unique. Some brutal scenes make this book not acceptable for everyone, but overall thriller fans will enjoy this book.

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