Ray of Love

Lifestyle by Design #3. By: Miranda P. Charles. Format: eBook. Read: May 2013.

Ray Thackery and Faye Summers are at their friend’s birthday/surprise engagement party, when their conversation begins to take on a new meaning. Ray has been in love with Faye for close to a year, when Faye originally turned him down. However Faye is now single and Ray is determined to show her that he is her perfect match. The two of them decide to secretly date in hopes that whatever their future holds, it won’t affect their friends.

This is the latest book in the Lifestyle by Design series. Each book picks up right where the previous one ends, so readers have a consistent timeline of events for all couples in the series. Ray of Love was a roller coaster of a book, with all of the ups and downs in this couple’s relationship. The characters constantly chose the “ignorance is bliss” option when confronted with something they had seen or heard, instead of talking to one another and clearing the air. During these portions of the story, the book is sweet and is packed full of drama. When the two main characters are together, the book takes a quick swing into spicy and is packed full of steamy love scenes. There were times when the transition flowed nicely between these extremes, but occasionally it came across as two books in one. Overall fans of this series, will enjoy this book and will be ecstatic with the updates from the other couples. Ray of Love provides a satisfying ending to an enjoyable series.

I have come across very few series that start each new book at the exact point where the other book ends. I enjoy this style because it allows the reader to feel like they are continuing the journey without missing anything. Have you read any series that is like this? Do you enjoy that feeling of picking up right where you left off?


The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and her work, please visit her website.

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