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Hi Everyone,

I have some exciting news to share with you all today. (And no, it is not related to the BIG Announcement, which will be posted Saturday at 6am EDT.) This bit of news is related to the fact that Ariesgrl Book Reviews is expanding and constantly growing. I am very pleased to announce that Wendy, from Shhh, Mommy’s in the Bathroom, Reading will be writing guest reviews here. You may recall about a month ago, I had mentioned that some of my reviews would be posted on her Facebook page. Well… one night Wendy and I were talking about blogs, books and life, when the idea of being regular guest reviewers for each other’s blogs just sort of happened!

I am thrilled to introduce her to all of you and I hope each of you enjoy the extra reviews that will be coming your way. I asked her to write a short bio to help you all get to know her and here’s what she had to say…

“I am a mom of a 5 year old little girl. Prior to her birth, I hate to say this, but I hated to read. I was a movie girl, went at least once a week. After my daughter was born, little by little we found out about her multiple special needs and eventually found out she had a stroke at birth. To say the least we have had our hands full. When I tried to watch movies at home, I would only get to watch sections of them, and they lost all enjoyment. Then Twilight happened. A friend had been talking about the books long before the movie came out, and I was the person looking at her thinking, I don’t get you. The movie (DVD) came out and I pretty much only saw the end of the movie (which wasn’t the best), but I was left with wanting know what happened next. I know there are haters out there about Twilight, but if it wasn’t for that book, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with reading. It was something I could pick up, and put down and not miss something. It has definitely steam rolled from there. As you probably guess with the blog name, Yes, I would sneak to the bathroom to read, because that was the only time I seemed to find peace. And thanks to Kindle and social media, I have been introduced to so many books that wouldn’t have been available to me otherwise (our local library really seems to sensor what is allowed.) I am now an avid reader and always have some sort of reading material with me.”

I think we can all relate to that feeling of life being so chaotic that the only time we get a chance to breathe is when we run into the bathroom to hide!

Be on the lookout for her first guest review over the next coming days, as well as the BIG announcement on Saturday. In a few hours, I will be back with my latest bookstore book review.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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