A Worldly Experience Through Books

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A few weeks ago, I was honored to participate in World Book Night. It was the most amazing experience to see people’s eyes light up over getting a free book. I can’t wait to apply to be a giver again, next year.

In the meantime, here is an article that I wrote about my experience that night and about the generosity of My Sister’s Books.

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World Book Night
April 23, 2013
5pm- 6:30pm
Captain John’s Seafood Grille, a local restaurant in Pawleys Island, SC.

A Worldly Experience Through Books

World Book Night Organization hosts World Book Night every April 23rd, in honor of William Shakespeare’s birthday. This year was the second year that USA has participated and the first year that I was a giver. My Sister’s Books kindly donated 20 reading lights and 20 bookmarks to be handed out along with the free books. With help from My Sister’s Books, this event was advertised in the local paper. Most of the people that I met that night, had never heard of World Book Night but they were intrigued by the generosity and spirit that the organization represents by giving away free books.

With the advertisements from My Sister’s Books and with a bus of retirees from Florida that stopped for dinner, the books went fast. Among the many people that I got to meet, several were grandparents who were excited to send their grandchildren a new book. Plus a few of them promised to read the book first, since they hadn’t read a young adult book in a while. To see their smiling faces, is an experience I will never forget. One woman was a retired educator, who had traveled the world teaching young children. She started reading her book right away and made sure to come back and thank me, since she was already enjoying it so much. I am very grateful to World Book Night and My Sister’s Books for making that a night a reality. I look forward to participating again next year.

~Nicole ‘Ariesgrl’ McManus, Reviewer and Blogger

Just re-reading this article brings a smile to my heart. If you all haven’t heard of World Book Night, please go to their website to learn more. It is a fabulous organization. You can be guaranteed that I will be signing up again next year.

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