Bad Nook and This Week…

Hi Everyone,

Last week my Nook’s power cord broke. The new cord finally arrived on Friday and then this afternoon, while I was reading a book, the Nook made a buzzing sound and turned off. When I went to turn it on, it stated “Erasing data this may take a few minutes.” What on earth? After that it stated “Reinstalling manufacturer settings.” Again, what on earth? Sure, enough my Nook decided to turn itself off, delete everything and return back to day 1! Bad Nook, very bad Nook… I will be spending the next few hours reinstalling and reconfiguring my settings. Not the way I imagined tonight, but it has to be done. I so far have reinstalled my apps, but I painstakingly trying to re-add all of my contacts. So frustrating…

On a positive note, this week is going to be exciting. Right now I am in the process of editing two of my reviews, one of which is for the eMag. I will post the other one later tonight. (eMag reviews will be posted in a few weeks, once approved.) Coming up later in the week (May 1st and 2nd) there will be two author blog tour spots with giveaways!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Monday!


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