Jessica Bowers Review #3

Kiss Me, Chloe
By Linda George
Book 1 of the Kiss Me Series

“Kiss Me, Chloe” is a sweet story about finding true love when you least expect it. When the lives of Chloe Llewellyn and Kyle Stanton fall apart they decide to go out and search for the things they want in their lives. Chloe from Houston, Texas is done waiting for her high school sweetheart Greg to get his “big promotion” at work and finally decide to marry her and make a family. Greg is too busy, working long hours and not spending any time with Chloe, to even think about marriage. After he has pushed back their engagement more times than a woman should allow she decides to pack her bags and hit the road. She finds herself headed towards the mountains of Colorado. She meets Kyle Stanton on her trip while in a restaurant having dinner. Kyle is a trucker from Colorado, on his way to Ouray, Colorado for his monthly stay with his aunt Byrdie. He invites Chloe to come stay at his aunt Byrdie’s B&B for the Fourth of July weekend. When she arrives she is in awe of the beauty of Ouray. Everything is so perfect, too perfect, even Kyle the handsome trucker who has offered to make her stay the best weekend of her life. Kyle has also been pushed aside by his ex-girlfriend choosing her career over having a family. When Kyle and Chloe go out on the town to see the sights they begin to realize that there may be a reason they were brought together. Chloe tries to fight the feelings she is developing for the trucker, while Kyle grabs life by the horns and goes for the ride. Not afraid of anything, Kyle is ready to show Chloe there is someone for everyone you just have to look in the right direction.
This book was so enchanting the way these two are brought together and the trials they are put through to show them it is meant to be. The author really depicted a picture with her words, describing the wonderful views of Ouray, and the wonderful people that the characters came to know. It is a romantic story with realistic views on true love and how two people can be brought together by destiny. This book had me pulled in from the first page. The story is silly at the right moment and will have you rooting for Kyle to win Chloe’s heart. “Kiss Me, Chloe” is a must read for anyone who believes in true love.

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~Jessica Bowers

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