eMag and World Book Night!!!

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I submitted my first review to the eMagazine. I can’t share it with you all just yet, but I will as soon as I can. This should be a few days after the issue is released, but I will keep you all updated on my progress. This week I will be reading the second book and working on the review for that one.

This week, I am also reading a book for My Sister’s Books and the next book on The List. Plus, I will be adding reviews to Amazon, now that I am able to do so!

Not much reading will take place today, though I am currently working on last minute preparations for World Book Night! That’s right it is tonight!!! So be on the lookout in your towns, because there are thousands of givers this year! (I will be in Pawleys, handing out Rick Riordan books.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!



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  1. Jessica Bowers

    Congrats on the emag! That is awesome!

  2. Sounds wonderful, Nicole. I’m happy you’re making a big success of this venture and that you seem to get so much joy out of it. Working with words is wonderful and fulfilling. -irma

    • Hi Irma! How are you feeling today? I am amazed at how much my site has grown. So grateful and appreciative. I hope to continue to do this for the rest of my life. I have always loved reading and writing book reviews, sharing stories with fellow book lovers and supporting indie authors does bring a lot of joy to me. I am just grateful to have the chance to connect with each of you.

      Hope you are feeling better! Have a wonderful day!

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