Jessica Bowers Review #2

The Other Side of Us

By Sarah Mayberry

Oliver Garrett is a successful music producer that finds out his wife has been unfaithful for the 6 years they have been married. He decides to take a trip to Melbourne, Australia and clean up his deceased Aunt’s house to be sold. Next door he meets a young petite woman, Mackenzie Williams, a TV producer. Mackenzie has been staying in Melbourne for her recovery from a tragic car accident. Their first few meetings are not very pleasant to say the least. Though nature has its own way it pulls them together. They soon realize this has become a great opportunity to open up to someone with no judgments about their miss comings. Both Oliver and Mackenzie, afraid of the feelings they are developing for each other, try to keep their feelings hidden from the other. Until Mackenzie lets her need to conquer get the best of her and she sets out to get what she wants.
The sexual chemistry between the two characters is breath taking. It is the type of “love at first sight” fantasy that all women dream of. The author gives an excellent description of the scenery and the lives of Oliver and Mackenzie. With a full back story of the characters you feel as though you are pulled right into their lives. This story is sweet and funny, while holding your attention through every page turn. It is truly hard to stop at the end of each chapter, when it leaves you wondering what they will do next.

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~Jessica Bowers

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