The Curse of Troy: Helen’s Story

By: Luciana Cavallaro. Format: eBook. Read: April 2013.

Helen of Troy, Queen of Sparta. This woman has had many titles, names and stories written about her. However few tales tell her perspective behind the things that have happened in her life. This is a short story that occurs when a historian interviews the Queen and vows to share her truth.

Luciana Cavallaro weaves a unique tale in this short story. Her narrator, the historian, never reveals his name, yet readers of Greek Mythology will recognize him by the end of the tale. Helen’s appearance is described with the intricate details that many have come to associate with her beauty. However, in this short story, Helen is given a voice which shows that behind all of her beauty lies pain. This is a short story that is filled to the brim with details and emotions. Luciana Cavallaro has done an excellent job at giving readers another perspective behind the Trojan War. Recommended for fans of Greek Mythology. Though this is a bittersweet, short story there are many people and events that are mentioned that some readers may not recognize.

I must say, I absolutely love anything connected to Greek Mythology. So I was excited to see what this book had to offer. Though some details vary from the lessons learned in school, the ‘insider’ view was a treat. Plus, as the characters from Luciana Cavallaro’s book state, the ‘truth’ is always told by the victors. So are you a fan of Greek Mythology? Have you read the stories behind the war between Troy and Sparta? What is your opinion of Helen and are you curious to hear her side?



A copy of this book was provided by the author for me to review. To learn more about this author and her work, please visit her website.


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