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“Perfect for You” by Kate Perry is a slightly erotic love story about finding true love and looking past your external distastes to see the real person underneath. I thought the plot was well scripted and easy to follow. Giving you even the smallest details along the way and keeping your interest through the whole book. From the very first page it was defiantly hard to put down. It shows how far some people will go for true love and happiness.
Freya Godwin is a graphic designer for exotic websites and the guardian of her younger sister Anna, after they lost their parents in a tragic accident. Her job is now on the line and she realizes she has lost her creativity. Freya’s solution, get her “sexy back.” Anna is determined to get Freya together with her upstairs neighbor, Greg Cavanaugh, a divorce lawyer. Though Freya believes lawyers are the “scum of the Earth” because of what happened to her family.
Anna and Greg plot to get HIM closer to Freya. When Greg makes a move Freya is surprised that just looking into his eyes starts to spark up the part of her she has been missing for so long. He is charming and sensual and his touch melts her to her very core.
How can she tell herself this is so wrong when it feels so right? She has to decide. Use him for what she needs or let him into her heart and see if they really are meant to be? Can she trust him or is it just the lawyer in him that is convincing her?
This author depicted her characters with such details on their lives, it makes you cheer for each moment of attraction between them. Their lives rollercoaster up and down leaving you at the end of every chapter not able to leave it for later. One moment to the next truly has you longing for more. It’s a real life fairy tale with love, romance, sex, and success.

I downloaded this book for free at Amazon Kindle.

~Jessica Bowers

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