My Sister’s Books Review #11

By: Bill Noel

Chris Landrum has returned to Folly Beach, South Carolina, in hopes of finding his dream retirement home. Instead Chris finds a dead body and ends up in the middle of a murder investigation. Word quickly spreads through this community and each of its unique characters wants to help this out-of-towner. Chris isn’t sure who he can trust, but he is certain that life in Folly Beach is going to be a very bumpy ride.

Bill Noel does an excellent job of describing all the details of the community and of the people. The main character, Chris Landrum, is very relatable to readers as he counts down the days until he retires. Chris’s inner thoughts are laced with sarcastic undertones that will leave readers chuckling. The excessive details about camera specifications tend to slow the pace of the novel, but enhance the true nature of Chris Landrum. The distinctive cast of residents will win readers over with all of their quirks. I recommend for fans of light-hearted murder mysteries.


Note: This review was written for My Sister’s Books.

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