My Sister’s Books Review #10

The Iron King

By: Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase is about to turn sixteen and she has lived a lonely life. She has never found a way to fit in and her family seems to forget she even exists. Only her best friend, Robbie, stays by her side making her laugh. One day, strange events start happening and Robbie becomes overly protective. As reality fades away, the truth about Meghan’s past is revealed. Now it is up to Meghan to save her family and a world that only exists in dreams.

Julie Kagawa has created a fascinating world filled with faeries, satyrs and various other mythological beings. Kagawa shows readers the mythological downside to the ever-growing technology. Fast-paced action, good versus bad and a classic love triangle make this book a must read for young adult fans. The Iron King proves to be an exciting start to a promising series.

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