By: Tommy B. Smith. Format: Paperback. Read: March 2013.

One fateful day in 1980, the town of St. Charles was forever changed. Harold Chambers awoke to find a man with a clown face opening him up and inserting an a horrid and wretched creature. Fast forward several years and Lilac Chambers is born. Her yellow eyes are the only outward sign that she is not human. But as mysterious deaths and unsolved murders begin to stack up wherever Lilac goes, the town begins to fear the worse. Detective Brandt McCullough and John Sutterfield make a vow to stop Lilac Chambers before she destroys the whole town.

Tommy B. Smith has written a horror novel filled with twists and turns. Divided into separate parts with the point of view shifting from various characters, allows readers to gain an inside view of the fear the town feels. The author up the intensity and intrigue as the two characters fight to stop the evil before it spreads and consumes everyone in sight. Gory details will make some readers squeamish, recommended for mature fans of horror novels.

This was a well-written novel. The divisions in each chapter provide perfectly timed pauses, before switching to the next character’s perspective. Horror novels tend to vary on whether or not they delve into a psychological fear or a tangible fear. Either theme can give me a good scare, so long as it is well written and timed correctly. What about you? Do you get scared easily over tangible things like spiders and clowns or do you prefer a book to scare you with the ‘unknown’?


The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and his books, please visit his website.

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