Crossing Lines

Heat Wave Series #3. By: Alannah Lynne. Format: eBook. Read: March 2013.

Kevin Mazze has finally met his match and right now she is blocking him from opening his new building. Sam Wallace may be new in town, but she is not new to the world of construction. Even though she can’t legally permit him to open the building now, she is willing to try and help him find an alternative water line plan that would allow his business to open. Sam can try all she wants to deny her physical attraction to Kevin, but after one ill-fated mishap at the boardwalk with her daughter, Michaela, Kevin comes to her rescue and she decides to give-up and indulge in a few fantasies. Kevin has a few secrets of his own, but he knows that he is attracted to this headstrong, single mother. When Kevin helps Sam home, he discovers her secret drawer filled with toys and all bets are off in his mind.

This is the third novel in the Heat Wave series. Fans of the previous two books will be excited to see the updates on some of the previous characters. Alannah Lynne’s books overflow with sizzling chemistry and passion. With each new book, the characters and storylines dive further into the land of eroticism. Crossing Lines is filled with sex toys and sexual explorations. Though this style of romance is not for everyone, most romance fans will be swept up in all of the passion. This book reunites old characters with several new ones and sets up the possibilities for future storylines. Romance readers will surely be on the lookout for what Alannah Lynne writes next.

I must say that I have only read romance novels for about three years now. So no, I have not dived into all of the various sub-genres in the romance category, but I am addicted to a story that ends in a happily ever after. I relate to characters that have real emotions and struggle with real life situations and I thrive in the fact that they can overcome their past in order to have a happy future. I know romance books are not for everyone, but neither is any other genre. But for those of you who enjoy reading romance novels and have read the Heat Wave Series, which book was your favorite?


Note: The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and her books, please visit her website.

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