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Good Morning Everyone,

I have been wondering about a few different topics and I wanted to get your opinions on these subjects. Today, the topic is Goodreads.

My friend Dana, recommended this site a little over a year ago. I joined it and within a few months, I was addicted! I love the quizzes and giveaways, plus the quotes (several of which have reappeared here as the quote of the day!) But I also enjoy the interaction between authors and readers. I know for a fact that my ‘Read’ list does not include everything that I have ever read, nor does my ‘To Read’ list contain everything my heart wishes to read. However I do keep an accurate track for my ‘Currently Reading’ list. This list contains books that I started last year, prior to me starting my website, and never finished. I know where they are at in my house and occasionally when I am in that room I read a couple of pages here and there, but overall they are just sitting and waiting. This list also contains the books that I am reading for this website and for the bookstore. However I am horrible about entering the exact page numbers that I am currently on. The authors and readers that I follow tend to vary on whether or not they add page numbers. I don’t normally follow the page they are on, but tend to follow what book they are reading. What about you? Are you a member of Goodreads? Do you prefer people who inform you of the page they are on or do you just care about the book and then their review? What are you currently reading?

As for me, today I am going to try and finish reading book number 31 from The List and book number 4 on My Sister’s Book List. I hope to have both reviews typed at some point tomorrow. Sorry I can’t give a more specific time, I have appointments throughout the day today and tomorrow.

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

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