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Good Morning Everyone,

I hope your weekend was relaxing. I noticed on an author’s page that this week is Read an E-Book Week! How amazing is this little fact? Now I know some of us still prefer a physical book to read and I used to be one of them. However, I have since learned to love the convenience that e-books provide. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the feeling of anticipation as I turn each page in a book and nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment after physically closing a good book. That sense of loss and happiness reigns supreme in my head. But since this is E-Book week, let’s celebrate them! What is your favorite reasons to read an e-book?

In honor of the e-book week, I figured it was time to try out a new look for this blog. I have added a few additional things off to the side that I thought would interest you all. I played with background colors and various widgets, all of which led me to one conclusion: LESS IS MORE!!! I didn’t want this site to be too busy that it distracts you from the reviews, but I did want to add a bit more information to the Home page. With that being said, I am going to give this new look a try for about a week, before I make the final decision. I hope you all enjoy the added information and please feel free to leave me any comments or suggestions.

I am off to go read. Hope you all have a Marvelous Monday!


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