My Sister’s Books Review #8

Have You Seen Hyacinth Macaw?
By: Patricia Reilly Giff

Abby Jones and her friend Potsie are on spring break and Abby is looking for a case to solve. As she starts noticing strange activity outside her bedroom window, her brother, Dan, begins to act strange. Then her friend Detective Garcia tells her there has been a big theft in town, plus there is a strange missing person’s sign that has been ripped. Abby doesn’t have to look too far before she gets wrapped up in a series of mysteries.

Patricia Reilly Giff has written about every young, adventurous girl’s dream with this book. Mystery, intrigue, suspense all occur in this first book in the Abby Jones, Junior Detective Mystery series. This chapter book has some illustrations and shorter sentences to make it easier to read. A few spelling errors and grammatical errors, but overall a good book for elementary school children.

Similar authors: Carolyn Keene (Harriet Otis Smith) and Jean Craighead George

Note: This review was written for My Sister’s Books.

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