My Sister’s Books Review #6

Follow the River

By: James Alexander Thom

Mary Ingles lived in the settlement with her family and was expecting her third child in Virginia in 1755. Mary’s happiness changed when the Shawnee Indians brutally attacked the village and kidnapped Mary, her children and her sister-in-law. This is the story of how Mary followed the Ohio River through rough terrain and back to her family.

James Alexander Thom writes a powerful and honest tale of life in a western Virginia settlement. The gruesome and brutal details may turn some readers off, but the descriptions are accurate and realistic. Readers will be entranced as they read this book and they will feel as though they are kidnapped along with Mary. The strength and determination Mary demonstrates, is something that will leave readers talking long after they have finished reading. I recommend this book for reading groups.

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Note: This review was written for My Sister’s Books.

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