The Beast of Macon Hollow

By: T. C. Harrelson Format: eBook. Read: February 2013.

Will Shepard is a fifteen year old boy who has just lost his mother to gang violence. His father has decided to move Will and his sister, Liz, to Macon Hollow and into their ancestral home that was left to them by Will’s great-aunt Eleanor. Strange things begin to happen as rumors start spreading about strangers in town and that the Beast has risen again. The Beast seems to be linked to the history of the town, but very few can explain exactly what it is. The Beast strikes terror and fear in nearly every town member, but the leader of the town, Mr. Howard Macon is insistent that the Beast is not real. As people begin to disappear, Will begins to have nightmares that show those people being killed. Through the help of his sister and his neighbors, Cate, Marty and Annie, Will realizes his destiny brought him here to Macon Hollow to destroy the Beast and save the town’s residents. But will it be too late?

Good and love battle evil and hate in a typical teenage world filled with bullies and school. T. C. Harrelson has done a superb job with this young adult paranormal thriller book. The intrigue and suspense builds as the readers’ eyes try to keep up the action. Harrelson creates a good representation of his readers in his cast of characters. Readers will feel like they are friends with Will, Cate, Marty, Liz, Annie and Possum. The ending sets up the possibility for several more books, which readers will be desperate to read.   Excellent writing and story-telling make this a must-read for fans of young adult science fiction novels.

I loved this book! My heart was racing wildly as I neared the end and even though I could guess a few events, most of what happened still surprised me. I enjoyed the suspense and the action. The story was amazing and the writing was excellent. I hope that Will Shepard’s next adventure will be released soon. I highly recommend this story. Are you a fan of young adult science fiction books? What is your favorite book from this genre?




Note: A copy of this book was provided for me to review. To learn more about this author and his work, please visit his website.

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