My Sister’s Books Review #5

The Secret of the Kindred Spirit

By: Jacqueline DeGroot


Sunset Beach is a small island off the coast of North Carolina and it has been in desperate need for a new bridge. After a decade of battles, the island’s residents are still divided on the true need for the bridge versus the fact that it could disturb their peaceful setting. However, Cassie Andrews has arrived with some of crew to start construction. In her quest to learn the island’s layout, she makes a gruesome discovery, a human head. When the responding officer arrives, Cassie’s fear disappears and a new feeling sets in as she meets Michael Troy. Michael Troy has been a cop for several years and if he solves this murder case, he can make detective. He has dreamed of his perfect southern belle wife for years, but Cassie is a complete opposite that he desperately wants to enjoy while he waits for his dream bride to enter his life. Too many questions now plague this small town. Will the bridge be built? Will the murderer be caught? Will Cassie and Troy set aside their differences and fall in love?


Jacqueline DeGroot combines, murder and romance in this story set in a small beach town. The omniscient point of view can be a bit confusing as it bounces around, but it allows readers to connect with each of the characters. Though more romance than suspense, the action intensifies near the end. The main male character can be a bit obnoxious at times, but readers can relate to his inner conflict. The ending will give readers a hint towards which couple will be next to fall in love at Sunset Beach. Pawleys Island residents can relate to the setting of Sunset Beach and its cast of characters.


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