The Eye-Dancers

By: Michael S. Fedison Format: eBook. Read: February 2013.


Mitchell Brant, Joe Marma and Ryan Swinton are three very different boys who just finished sixth grade and are ready to start their summer vacation. Unfortunately for them, they each have been having a terrifying nightmare about a young ghost-like girl. After the third nightmare in a row, they meet up and learn that they have been having the same nightmare! With the help of the class genius, Marc Kuslanski, they hold a sleepover to find a way to solve their dreams. While they are sleeping, Marc watches over them and slowly the four boys begin to disappear, only to land in a strange new world. The cars and technology seem ancient, the town seems familiar, but the posters around town are real and frightening. A young girl has been kidnapped and is missing, except she is the same girl from Mitchell’s, Joe’s and Ryan’s dreams. Will the four boys be able to set aside their differences and rescue this young girl, while figuring out a way to get back to their reality?


Fedison has created a world filled with relatable characters that are transported into a fascinating world filled with new possibilities. Each of these boys demonstrates a strength and weakness, while each crave something that is missing from their home life. Once they are transported into this new world, they are filled with the dilemmas that face every child as they begin to mature. Learning how to accept themselves and others while learning how to do the right thing, makes this book an intriguing coming of age story. Young adults, especially boys, will enjoy this action packed adventure story filled with comic book references.


I enjoyed this young adult sci-fi book. Any book that can mix quantum mechanics and comic books in a spooky adventure setting is quite a treat. The fact that each boy faces troubles whether it is being an only child, or being too short or having his parents fight all the time, will give readers something to relate too. This was a fascinating story and I look forward to reading more from Michael S. Fedison in the future.





Note: The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about him and this book, please visit his website.

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