My Sister’s Books Review #3

Southern Fatality By: T. Lynn Ocean


Jersey Barnes is a strong and independent woman. She is ready to begin an early and relaxing retirement, after working several years as a private security specialist. Unfortunately, her dream is postponed when her boyfriend, Bill, asks her to help his friend. Jersey takes on this supposedly simple task of surveillance for a few days, yet she is quickly thrust back into a world of kidnapping and an internet virus capable of stealing hundreds of millions dollars. Thankfully she has some reliable friends and family that can back her up, if needed.

T. Lynn Ocean has created a high stakes, adrenaline filled world, which has typically been reserved for male characters. However her main character, Jersey Barnes, is one tough woman that can take down any bad guy, while still wearing fashionable lingerie.  This book is the first in a series that promises to keep up the adventure and crime fighting. Ocean provides comic relief in the form of Jersey’s dad, Spud and his buddies who somehow manage to always get themselves in trouble. Readers will become instant fans of Ocean’s writing abilities and will be on the hunt to find the next book.


Note: A copy of this book was loaned to me by My Sister’s Books Bookstore. To learn more about this store, please visit their website.

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