The Light Bearer Series #4. By: Emily Guido. Format: eBook. Read: January 2013.


Charmeine and Tabbruis have survived the battle with the Elder Council and are expecting their new baby. Unfortunately for these two, they do not have long to enjoy the peace and happiness with their family. One night as the intruder alarm sounds, the majority of the family go out and meet with a group of Blood-Hunters that bring news of a conflict in Athens. But even worse than that, is they come with a warning that Lord Cromwell has escaped. During this gathering Charmeine, Percival and Athena are brutally attacked by a Blood-Hunter woman named Bathsheba. Soon Charmeine finds out that Bathsheba and Tabbruis have history together and he sets aside all of his priorities to care for Bathsheba. Will Charmeine learn the truth behind their history, or is this end for Tabbruis and Charmeine.


Emily Guido has written the perfect soap opera love story for Charmeine and Tabbruis. Each time these two find their way back to each other, another obstacle is thrown in their path that not only threatens their happiness but also the lives of their family. Each book in this series is better than the one before, as is the writing. Readers will enjoy the fact that Seditious focuses on the story of each of the family members, instead of just Charmeine and Tabbruis. Each of the characters become more relatable as they show their strengths and weakness. Unity, love, trust and faith are the values that are represented in each page of this book. Readers will be on the edge of their seat as they await to learn the outcome in the next book.



I have truly enjoyed reading this Light-Bearer series by Emily Guido. Seditious is by far my favorite and has left me with high hopes for the next book. Guido has a talent of making these unrealistic characters have human flaws, which readers will understand and relate too. Each of the conflicts provides yet another opportunity to trust in love, or run in fear. This is a powerful story and a wonderful series. Have you read the series yet? Which minor character is your favorite? I am torn between Athena or Hameal.




Note: Emily Guido provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about her and this book, please visit her website.


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    I am DANCING around in joy and happiness! This review of Seditious is exactly what I wanted to convey to the reader! EACH BOOK get more and more intense and deep in character reveals!!! Everyone, I hope you have a chance to read the WHOLE Series and not just book one or two… you have to really experience it all to appreciate it! Lots of love, Emily

  2. “Ransom” is my favorite, and Emily is taking on a big challenge to out-do that for “Conundrum”.

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