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I have been asked two questions here lately. Where do I get my quotes? and Why do I pick certain ones to post? So I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about these quotes. Some of them come from sites like, Goodreads, while others have been given to me as suggestions. I always try to choose a quote that relates to reading and/or writing and/or books. Sometimes I may choose a quote that is from an author, but pertains to life itself. No matter where the quotes come from or what it is about, I must feel it in my soul. It must describe/summarize the feelings I have toward a subject. That is all. I hope you are enjoying them and if you have any suggestions for quotes, please feel free to share.


As you may have noticed, the quotes from this week have pertained to life rather than about reading or writing. As you may not know, I experienced a sort of anniversary this week. It has been officially one year since I became a full-time 24/7 caregiver. It has been a rather unique year with several ups and downs and bumps along the way; but each day is a new day and each day provides new lessons to be learned. Right now, I want to learn something from some of you, if that is okay. I want to know how do you all find time to write, paint, read, etc. at home. How do you work from home? Do you have set hours in each day that are your work hours? Do you have a room that is your work room, where you can’t be disturbed? You see. being a full-time caregiver means that I can’t go run and hide and read to my heart’s content. I have to be visible 24/7 and helping my family. Even as I type this post, I can think of about 15 chore-related items that I could be doing, instead of taking time to work on my blog.


But that is just it: I am, in my own way, working. I am reading and writing reviews and communicating with each of you. No it is not going out of the house from the hours of 9-5 and working in an established business, but it is work from the couch, while my grandfather and the boys are napping. While everyone is awake I work on house chores or family stuff, but then during those quiet moments I quickly take advantage of that time whether online or with a book. Yet no matter which aspect of my life I am focused on in the moment, my mind and heart feel that I may be neglecting the other aspects.

So how do you do everything? How do you balance family life with work? Do you ever wish there was more of you in order to make everything the top priority in your life? Or do you just try to designate days and/or hours and prioritize each thing in turn?

Oh and just so you know, I have a few more posts I will be typing up today. I have tried something new this week. As an idea/quote/blog topic pops into my head, I write it down on a list, so that during times like this I can just type away! Hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing day!




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  1. These are the times when I wish I had super-powers, like Super Speed. There are not enough hours hours in the day to do all of the things I wish to do.

    • Super Speed would be a really helpful super power to have. I often dream of being able to wiggle my nose like Bewitched and have everything magically managed!!!

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