Welcome Lindsey Beth Goddard!!!

Hi Everyone,

      Earlier this week, much earlier and I apologize for the delay, author Lindsey Beth Goddard honored me by agreeing to an interview. I am pleased to announce that she will also be giving away two copies of her book, Quick Fix. So please join me in welcoming Lindsey Beth Goddard, and then comment with your guess at the answers to the bonus questions, for your chance to win.

1. Hi Lindsey. Thank you for taking time to conduct this interview. I was wondering if you could tell the followers here about your writing.
Hi, Nicole. I’ve been writing for a very long time. Some of my school teachers took notice of my knack for writing and encouraged it. If you spoke with any of my old math teachers, they might say I was prone to dozing off during class, but not the English teachers. They always loved me. I got my first story published in a small-press magazine at the age of fifteen. I was paid one contributor copy, and I was in love! Life has kept me busy, but I’ve made an effort to write and submit stories the past four years, just to get my name out there. I will publish a novel (or possibly a novella) within the next two years. I’m bouncing around ideas for it as we speak.

2. You write horror stories, and the book I am reading is a collection of short stories. Do you prefer a short, tangible fear or a long, mysterious fear?
I love them equally. I am a book worm, and I tend to alternate between short story collections and novels. What people don’t realize is that their favorite episodes of Masters Of Horror, Fear Itself, Twilight Zone, and Tales From The Crypt are based on short stories. There is power in short pieces. Novels are great, too. They allow you to live inside the story much longer.

3. You dedicated this book, Quick Fix, to your children. Are they allowed to read your books, or will they have to wait until they are older?
No, they aren’t. Quick Fix isn’t too bad on the adult content scale, but its predecessor, Respect For The Dead, is chock-full of 18+ subject matter. I haven’t had any terrible feedback, but a few people have told me they were a little shocked! Respect For The Dead is available on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Respect-Dead-Lindsey-Beth-Goddard/dp/0615567797/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353897076&sr=8-1&keywords=respect+for+the+dead

4. The horror genre is not something most people get involved in. How did you start writing terrifying stories?
I’m not sure! When I was nine, I wrote a story about an evil princess who let her villagers live in poverty while she kept all the riches. Thieves attacked the village, looking for something of value. The villagers pointed them toward the castle and allowed them to kill the princess. The guards, having been badly treated as well, did nothing to stop it. This is heavy subject matter for a nine year old! Perhaps I was always destined to write horror!

5. I feel I must mention scary movies, so were you always a fan of them growing up?
Yes, and I was scarred by a few of them. Not “scared” with one ‘r’. I mean mentally scarred! I watched them too young. I was insanely curious. I just HAD to see them! I don’t let my kids see R rated movies yet. Horror is my favorite genre of movies and books, but it must be age-appropriate, because I certainly saw too much growing up. My favorite movies were Pet Sematary, The Changeling, Tales From the Crypt, Carrie, Child’s Play, and Night of the Living Dead. I have new favorites now that I’m older, but we won’t get into that, or we’ll end up with a mile-long list.

Bonus Questions:

1. Freddy, Michael or Jason?


2. Who’s your favorite bone-chilling author?

a. Stephen King

b. Clive Barker

c. Thomas Harris

d. Ray Bradbury


I want to thank Lindsey Beth Goddard for agreeing to do this interview and giveaway and for demonstrating extreme patience with me as I had delayed the original posts. As for the giveaway, same rules apply. Leave a comment with your guess at the answer to either/both question(s) and the names of the people who guessed correctly will be placed into a hat and a random name will be drawn for each question. The giveaway will end Monday night at 7pm est. Thank you all and in the mean time, please go check out her website.




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9 Responses to Welcome Lindsey Beth Goddard!!!

  1. Freddy and Stephen King. Although, something akin to a hairy, scab-crusted finger is tickling my brain to go with Harris. But I’ll stick with SK.

  2. Excellent interview with a GREAT author. Read her work!

  3. Bob G.

    Great interview. Lindsey rocks! Bonus questions: I could give arguments for each one on why they are the best but I am going with Freddy (for the personality) and Stephen King for nurturing my love of reading.

  4. Emily Snodgrass

    Stephen King

    Great interview w a great person!

  5. Amy Biggs

    Freddy & Clive Barker. Fabulous Author- Very Talented! Can’t wait for the novel, it should be as great as her other pieces. Good Job on the interview too!

  6. Sandy S.

    Freddy and Clive Barker, even though my inclination says Michael and King lol

    • Loved the interview! Lindsey Beth Goddard sure can write. I loved her collection Respect for the Dead, and it’s definitely for adults! If I had to guess, I’d say Lindsey likes Michael and King. That’s who I’d choose!

    • Loved the interview! Lindsey Beth Goddard sure can write. I loved her collection Respect for the Dead, and it’s definitely for adults ONLY! If I had to guess, I’d say Lindsey likes Michael and King. That’s who I’d choose!

  7. 1. Definitely Freddy! Although he is quite scary, he can be a bit comical at times.

    2. Tough choice, but I will have to go with Stephen King. Thomas Harris would be my second choice, but King’s works are classics.

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