Where Did the Week Go and a Yes or a No…

Hi Everyone,
     This week went by quickly, can’t believe it is Saturday already. Staying home full-time makes it hard sometimes to figure out what day it is when I wake up. This week was filled with sleepless nights that turned into days, and well now it is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Is everyone prepared? Are you all staying home or traveling? November has flown by at an unbelievable speed. Anyways I digress, I am currently reading book #14 from The List. Now I don’t normally like to make comments about a book while I am reading, but can I just say “Wow, Amazing!” I literally want to share more, but I won’t until I can write my review. I hope to be able to share my review with you all by Monday at the latest. What book are you all reading right now? 
      I must say that I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support you all have shown me. This site gained more followers this week, as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages. Welcome to the new-comers and a big THANK YOU to each of you. Did you know that in the next couple of days this little blog that I started a few months ago will reach 5,000 all-time views? I am truly humbled. Again thank you. Oh and have you seen The List page lately, it is up to 27 books now. Thank you! Now with this new milestone and the holiday season upon us, I would like to bring up an idea that I have had over the past few weeks. I have been pondering over this thought for a few weeks and I figured I should take a couple of polls here first. I want to show my extreme gratitude for each of you, and I wanted to find a way to share some more information about the amazing authors that have taken a chance on me and allowed me to read and review their books. Here is my idea: Occasionally have an author do a guest blogger post and/or help me host a contest giveaway. This will only happen if you all like this idea.
     So here is where you all come in:
If you are an author from The List and like this idea and want to participate, please contact me. No pressure! This is all for fun and just an idea I have had. Nothing is set in stone.
If you are one of my followers here: Post a comment telling me if you like this idea.
     If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know! You all are amazing and I can’t thank you enough! Have a wonderful day.



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6 Responses to Where Did the Week Go and a Yes or a No…

  1. I like the guest blogger idea. I would be willing to help out. 🙂

    • Really?! That would be awesome. Thank you. Since your book will be the next book I read, maybe we can set something up for next week? I will email you in the morning so we can discuss this in more detail. Have a wonderful night!
      Thanks again,

  2. I love the idea!! It’s always great to hear what authors have to say. Good luck!

  3. Sounds like a great idea! Getting to know the writers of the books you are reviewing is awesome. And no one will turn down a contest giveaway!

    • Hi Dana,
      Thanks for your input. This was my thought process when I came up with the idea, so I am glad to hear that you would like to learn more. Have a wonderful day!

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