The Light-Bearer Series. By: Emily Guido. Format: eBook. Read: November 2012.

    Charmeine and Tabbruis are two angels made by God for each other and now that they have been reunited on Earth they must combine forces to save it. Charmeine and Tabbruis know that they must fight the Elder Council in order to save Blood-Hunters, Light-Bearers and Humans, but can they save their family too? As the past is remembered and the future revealed, will their love survive? Lies, fears and a breach of trust could come between them, which could mean they would lose each other along with their family.

Charmeine is a stong heroine with a very unique, rough past, yet she has found the love of her existence and she has a caring family. However in the third installment of The Light-Bearer Series, Charmeine’s inner fears are shown as she struggles with her role in the prophecy. These fears remind the readers of her past and they give her a more relatable charm. Fans of the series will be taken on a heart-wrenching journey throughout the book that will leave them all speechless at the end. Guido has created a fascinating world filled with examples of compassion versus judgment, trust versus fears and faith versus doubt. Readers will be impatiently tapping their fingers as they wait for the arrival of the fourth book.

Each of these three books starts where the previous one left off so the readers do not miss a single detail. Each new book strengthens in terms of writing and fluidity, and all of them combine to tell a very compelling story of “human” nature. The best part of this story is the subtle lessons it teaches about acceptance, love and compassion. I feared that in writing my reviews for each book, I would duplicate details or phrases, but this story had a sub-plot inside of the original plot that it allowed for more possibilities. I have enjoyed reading this series and I can’t wait to join Charmeine and Tabbruis on their next adventure, as I feel like I am a member of their family. So tell me, have you read this series yet? If so, which would you rather be: a Blood-Hunter, a Light-Bearer or a Flame-Thrower?


Note: Emily Guido provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about the author and this book, please visit her website.


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