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Hi Everyone,
       I have been up for quite a long time, which means I have made progress in the book that I have been reading. But since I do not a have a new review for you today, I thought I would share the exciting new milestones for Ariesgrl Book Reviews. Last night, the official Facebook page received a tenth “Like” which is amazing. The goal for that page is to build a community with links to my reviews, links to authors’ pages and links to where the books are sold. Also if an author or publisher has any special news, like book promotions, it will be posted there. So check it out if you haven’t already done so, and authors/publishers please feel free to pass on your links to your books.

       Now for some even more exciting news: This website, a little blog that I started just a couple of months ago, has grown at a surprising rate. This post today marks my 65th all time post, 24 of which have been reviews! As of this morning, there are over 200 comments, over 2,600 all time views and The List has 19 books on it. I couldn’t be more excited and more humbled by all of this information. The support you all have shown to this site, truly means the world to me. Thank you. This is a difficult business to get a start in, whether you are an author, editor, publisher or reviewer. It is designed to help those with experience, while those of us newbies are struggling to find our “in.” I created my own version of an “in” with this blog and I hope to help support those other newbies, too. So again, thank you all for taking a chance on me by following along and reading my reviews. Thanks for the support and I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you. Have a wonderful weekend!


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