Zooey the AcroCat

The Adventures of Baseball and Zooey. By: Andrea Kelly. Format: Paperback. Read: October 2012.

     This is a short children’s story about two cats named Baseball and Zooey. The star of the book is Zooey and her incredible talents, which might just get her into some trouble.

A unique children’s book, with hand-drawn pictures that will be relatable to young children and give the story a more personal feel. Though this story does not rhyme, the sentences are short and easy to read, which is perfect for helping children transition from being read-to, to reading the book themselves. Kelly tells the story of her two mischievous cats, which is relatable to every pet owner. A bit of an abrupt ending will leave readers guessing what Baseball and Zooey do next.

Since this was not your typical children’s book with bright colors and lots of rhymes, let’s discuss which type you prefer to read to your child. Do you like to read rhyming books or ones that the child can relate too, maybe while snuggling with his/her kitten or puppy? I always had the bright, rhyming books as a child, but this story provided a refreshing new style that was nice to read. I would recommend this book to parents with young children as a cute, short bedtime story.



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  1. Sounds cute! I have always enjoyed the non-traditional children’s stories. Grimm’s Fairy Tales were enjoyable growing up, even if they seemed a little dark at times.

    • Hi Dana,
      It is a cute story. I never read the Grimm’s tales when I was a child, but I enjoyed them I was older. Knowing that you have cats, I am sure you can imagine the adventures these two cats can have! 🙂
      Have a good night!

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