The Third Dragon

The Dukarian Legacy #1. By: D. R. Ross. Format: eBook. Read: October 2012.

An ancient prophecy sets in stone that the descendents of the Dragon family and the Lion family must unite and combine blood lines. It is this unification that will save the Duridians. This prophecy is known by few, and the greediness of some will cause murder and kidnappings. As time passes, Haban becomes King and has three sons. The youngest, Tomis is his last hope at a magical son that would allow him the ability to rule the entire nation. When it is proven that Tomis is not magical, King Haban becomes intolerable and treats him and his mother horribly. Tomis knows he has magic powers like his Mother, but is terrified by what his father will do. Are all royals as evil as Tomis’s father? Or will Tomis be able to escape and help save his nation?

In this first book of the series written by Ross, a world has been divided by the actions of one merciless King. The people fear for their lives and a young girl is missing. It is up to young Tomis and few friends to help right the wrongful past and save the future for all of Ungal. Ross writes a wonderful, action-packed adventure. Readers will be caught up in the twists and turns and they will immediately be ordering book two in the series. Excellent storytelling and an intriguing plot will capture the attention of readers everywhere.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing what happens next. This book had an adventurous story that reminded me of the writings of Rick Riordan. Completely different plot lines, yet a similar feeling of Oh my, what will happen next. If you enjoy young-adult, fantasy-fiction books, then you will want to mark this book as a must-read. So tell me, what do you prefer in a fantasy book? Do like a good struggle between morality with a hint of magic? Or do you prefer a good struggle between good beings and evil creatures with a hint of humanity? Either way, you will want to check out this book.


Note: D. R. Ross provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this book and the author, please visit her website.


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