Forgiveness – An Unexpected Gift

By: Patricia Awapara. Format: eBook. Read: September 2012.

Told from the point of view of a woman as she reflects on her life and a dream that she had when she was 18. This one dream had a simple message that changed her entire life.

Awapara has written a poignant short story. This is the tale of one woman’s life completely changed by a dream and a message from God. Most readers can relate to this story not from the events but from the emotions this woman experiences. Every human has either experienced true fear and pain, or knows someone who has had those feelings. The choice that each person has to make is difficult, but in the end could save his/her life.

When I started to read this story and noticed that it was only seven pages long, I was a little nervous. Some short stories leave out key details that are necessary to move readers, however this is not one of them. In seven short pages, Awapara’s story was powerful and touching. Though the exact details behind this young woman’s fear are never mentioned, it allows the reader to focus more on the emotions and the message. This story touched my soul as my past allowed me to relate with the main character’s feelings. I look forward to reading more of Awapara’s stories. Have you read this book? What were your thoughts as you read it?


Note: Patricia Awapara provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and her books please visit her website.

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