Happy Monday!

Hi Everyone,

     I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I love that it is football season again. My Cardinals won last night and my Ravens play tonight! The weather is not killer-hot right, so things are nice. I want to thank each of your for your support. Yesterday was an amazing day for Ariesgrl Book Reviews, there two award nominations that were accepted and several records were shattered. The blog now has over 200 likes, and it had 130 views in just 24 hours. This is also my 51st post. Wow! Thank you all so much. Also, as of yesterday several new bloggers are following this site and I want to welcome each of you. I appreciate all of the support as I have been working hard to launch Ariesgrl Book Reviews into the world of literature! Thank you.

On another note, in the spirit of the fact that we are all connected and should help one another, I wanted to mention an artist that I have been following who needs some help with his latest charity project. Ray Ferrer is an incredible artist, please check out his website. He devotes some of his time and talent to charities and is currently working on a project for the Boys and Girls Club in CT. He is designing a mural, with help from the children, to renovate the look of their old gym. This is great way for the children to be involved in arts and they will get to see their work every day while they play in the gym. How exciting! When he told me about this project, I immediately wanted to spread the word. To learn more about this project and how you can help please visit this website.

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  1. aberrantani

    I really like the style of the art! I love urban / street art and I am so impressed by those who can create such stunning works with spray paint. Truly incredible. I like!

    P.S. Your blog rocks!!!

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