Happy Thursday!

Good Evening Everyone,

     Today I spent most of my time dealing with family stuff. I have been researching some support groups for caregivers of Alzheimer’s Disease patients, and going out to pick up medicine for Daddygran and Ozzy. Then on the way home I got caught in one of the worst downpours that we have had in a long while. All of this “extra” information about my day, can be summed up by saying,  I didn’t have a chance to read today. So for tonight’s post I am going to ask my followers a question or two. On days that I read, or in today’s case can’t read, do you want to read posts about my day with updates on my reading status? Or do you prefer I post one of my reviews of a book I read earlier in the year? Just to note: the books I read earlier in the year only have small reviews, as I was using them as practice. I planned on posting them in the future as time permits me to edit my work. Let me know what you would prefer reading. I wish you all a good evening!

      As Always…


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  1. It’s can be hard finding time to read when life gets in the way. When this happens, I think it would be okay if you took a day to yourself. Maybe work on your other blog that discusses your “Ariesgrl Kind of Life” (http://ariesgrllife.wordpress.com/).

    • Hi Dana,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I feel bad when I am not able to post a new review each day. Thanks for your support and thanks for following my blogs.

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