Happy Tuesday!

Hi Everyone,

     I just wanted to write a quick post to explain a new page I have posted. In a short frame of time between last night and this morning, I received my first award nomination and my first negative comment. Thank you to Andrea Kelly for nominating me, and later today I will post more information. As for the negative comment, I appreciate the person taking time to read my blog, however I do not appreciate the comment that was posted. If everyone can take a second to look at the Rules page, you will find the rules are simple. I want each of you to feel free to leave comments stating your thoughts, opinions and suggestions, after all that is how each of us grows as readers and writers, by learning what and how one another thinks. However, I want this blog to remain spoiler-free, honest and drama-free. Thank you for your cooperation.



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  1. oh. one of them has to ruin it, don’t they? Just ignore them and keep doing what you do. If people don’t like it, they can move to next page.

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